Gain subs on youtube with

With the recent rise of success in Youtube broadcasting, it’s likely you might be tempted to find out what you can do yourself to gain subscribers for your own channel. With a few easy strategies you can be on your way to a very popular channel on the second most popular search engine in the world.
To begin with, you need to insure that you are posting content that subscribers want to see that is unique. Rather it be something helpful, informative or entertaining, it should always be a quality video that targets the subscribers you are looking for. If you post a shaky, blurry, dark video it’s very unlikely anyone would want to finish watching your video let alone subscribe to it.
Another key factor to gaining subscribers is your title and description for your video. Youtube sets a limit of 100 words for your title so you need to choose wisely. It should be a clear and to the point. You definitely don’t want to describe something just for views that isn’t actually in your video. It disappoints the viewer and they will not trust your future videos to be what they expect. Be genuine and straight forward, and never leave it blank. Using tags and keywords will also gain followers as they help viewers discover your video and its content easily when searching. Also, don’t forget to add your social media and website links to offer sharing ability and to get your channel out there.
Next you want to reach out to your viewers by explaining your channels content and urging them to subscribe to see more videos. More than likely if they have viewed your video to the point of getting to your “call of action” they are on the way to subscribing to your channel. Adding that personal touch makes you more personable while viewers feel special and more likely to want notifications of future videos.
You can also make your very own trailer for your channel to gain subscribers. The trailer enables you to show everyone what you and your channel is about and catches their attention to go to your channel and subscribe. It should be short video that is entertaining and informative.
In addition you need to take the time to solidify the image you want for yourself and your channel. You can customize your channels page by picking a high quality and eye catching channel icon as well as the banner background. So be creative! For the content itself you want to be consistent with your style to really brand yourself and make it easier for potential subscribers to get the feel of what your future videos will be like.
Another creative way to draw attention to your videos and channel is by producing a personalized thumbnail. You can express your style with different fonts, colors and images. This gives your channel a professional and polished look. It also helps people searching for videos pick out yours out of everyone else’s because your thumbnail sticks out to them.
Annotations are another great way to stand out from other channels. This gives you the ability to add information, links and suggestions to other videos of yours to view next. The longer the view time on your channel, the more likely your video will pop up as a suggested video on other videos ultimately leading to more views and subscribers. The links you can use can be to your website, or even your subscribe button for an easy way for viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Posting frequently is also a surefire way to gain subscribers. This keeps subscribers excited for future videos and forms a loyal following. You don’t want your subscribers disappointed because they don’t know if and when you will ever upload again. A great way to stay consistent is to create a posting schedule that you can stick to and subscribers can count on.
You also want to figure out the appropriate length for your videos. More viewers are likely to view a short video. It is said that the average viewing time of videos on Youtube is about three minutes. Although, you want to make sure you are covering everything you want to share so adjust your videos time according to the content you are posting as well as insuring it is entertaining in it’s entirety.
Subscribers also like to see collaborations. It’s a fun way that both channels can promote each other and reach a greater audience. The other channels subscribers are also your potential subscribers! You can do collaborations by showing up on each others videos, giving shout-outs, promoting through social media and engaging remotely on your uploads (i.e. Skype or Google Hangouts.)
Subscribers and viewers also love to be involved in your posts and and interact with you. Let them engage by asking questions and open up for suggestions and positive feedback, as well as respond to questions and comments.You can also spend time going to other channels to comment and have conversations. This can gain you more views and potential subscribers as well as giving you an opportunity to meet other Youtubers to potentially collaborate with.
Rewarding your subscribers is also extremely important! You can do this by giving away gifts, shout outs, announcing subscriber milestones or conducting a contest. This makes them feel appreciated, and gives them a reason to stay subscribed. You can also ask that they share and subscribe to your channel as a requirement to win a contest. This insures subscribers and if you keep up the quality of your videos they will stick around. These ideas also physically shows you appreciate them rather than just you mentioning it in an upload or post.
There are many factors and ideas that anyone can use to gain subscribers on Youtube as we have discussed. The only thing left to do is to take the time to do them! Stay genuine in your posts and always value your subscribers. Focus on what they want and you are well on your way to gain subs with the subscribers you want and creating your own channels community.